The Top Line: All the Best Facebook Business News from January

2017 is off to a strong start here at Facebook—from Instagram improvements and Audience Network milestones, to new industry research and so much more. Here's a short list of highlights to help you start the new year in the know.

Get more out of our products this year

We added more quality publishers to Audience Network, so businesses can connect with over 1 billion people.

We improved lead ads to make it easier for you to connect with customers, run your campaigns and measure the results.

Take control of your Page—learn how to moderate comments, prevent abusive activity and manage content.

Instagram means business

Instagram Stories got an upgrade with the addition of business insights and ads.

Check out what we learned about how Instagrammers shop for tech.

Put this Facebook IQ industry research to work

Move at a mobile minute to keep up with shoppers.

Virtual reality can lead to authentic social connections—now see how it can help your brand.

Sharpen your skills with these Blueprint elearning courses

Learn how to maximize the number of people who see your ad.

Use Audience Network to extend the reach of your Facebook campaigns.

Understand the importance of multi-touch attribution for accurate measurement.

Discover how to drive customer actions both online and in-store.

See how businesses like yours are getting results

Cheetos scored big with soccer-centric video ads, driving sales and hitting 15.4 million views.

Volvo reached more than 8.5 million in-market shoppers with a highly targeted video adcampaign.

BarkBox more than doubled its conversion rate using an immersive Canvas.

Sprint saw 10% lift in conversions when it combined Facebook ads with its existing campaign.

Under Armour engaged millennials with photo and video ads to increase purchase intent.

Dairy Queen created a series of thumb-stopping videos to increase Blizzard sales.

HomeAway used a Facebook Live video campaign to drive traffic to its website.